HKB series
HKB series airfoil centrifugal turbo blower is a new energy saving type high rotary speed blower, it is made up of 3 key technology:
- High rotary speed airfoil bearing
- Permanent magnet high speed synchronous motor
- Aluminum alloy AL7075 (aviation aluminum) precision casting high-precision impeller.
It offers many features, for example, advanced technology, reliable performance, simple structure, small volume, energy saving, easily for maintenance, etc.


1. Super high rotary speed permanent magnetic levitation motor.

This type motor's working efficiency is higher than 95%, could be controlled by precision speed controller. It is designed in the smallest structure, faster rotary speed, using air cooling, to realize motor's high efficiency. The reliability of water cooling is higher than air cooling, much easier operation and maintenance, to ensure the continuous longer term operation safely.

2. Airfoil bearing.

Airfoil bearing uses air floating instead of lubrication oil. It takes use of air nearby to replace lubrication oil. As a result, it could operate in higher temperature and higher rotary speed. The advantage of airfoil bearing is in flexible starting and low cost operation, no mechanical friction, no needs of lubrication oil, no vibration, low noise level, longer service life.

3. Auto control system.

The control system uses motor and VFD to control the rotary speed, PLC adjusts the flow rate and pressure automatically, to realize the best economic operation condition in the blower's working range. What's more, the control system could test the pressure, rotary speed, flow rate, temperature by itself. It has the function to anti-surge, alarm and automatic shutdown. The control board is easily for operation.

4. High efficiency centrifugal impeller.

It uses ternary flow theory design and specify optimization, to realize maximize efficiency, and wide area of operation.

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